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October 14, 2018

Wedding at Old Silk Mill, Fredericksburg, VA | Sam + Haley

This past Sunday, we got to celebrate and witness the marriage between two of the most wonderful people. Sam + Haley gathered their friends and family in Fredericksburg, Virginia for their beautiful wedding at the Old Silk Mill. It was such a joyful day!!

Haley reminds me so much of a Disney princess. She’s a total sweetie pie, bubbly and truly beautiful on the inside and out. She looked perfectly effortless with her long blonde hair braided in a waterfall braid and her off-the-shoulder sleeves were GORGEOUS! inn at old silk mill wedding

Sam is equally as lovable as his bride. I’m telling you – these two are just the smiliest and most loving people!! We completely fell in love with them during their Engagement Session just a few weeks before today.

They both kept saying how excited they were to be marrying each other.

Haley surprised her parents with two really sweet and creative gifts.

For her Dad, she had a tie specially made with a picture of the two of them. He loved it so much he cried!!

She also presented both parents with a beautiful gift. Haley wrote a poem about what their marriage has meant to her, which was placed between a Wedding image of her parents and a picture of her and Sam from our Engagement Session.

Later, they’ll replace the their Engagement picture with a Wedding picture.

This is a really special time for the Kroskies. At this moment, they were still a family of four. With Haley getting married in a few minutes and Jessica getting married next year, they were savoring every minute together.

After a traditional family “Kroskie” cheer, they huddled into a big hug while just the four of them prayed.

Sam and Haley also made time to pray together before the ceremony between an open doorway so that they wouldn’t see each other.

I just love them. They’re the cutest thing together!!

Sam’s brother was actually the one who introduced them 4 years ago since he was also friends with Haley. The two officially met for the first time in their hometown when they went to go play volleyball with a group of mutual friends at Rady Park in Warrenton, Virginia.

Wanting to stay around Haley longer, Sam invited her to come see his soccer game that same day…and then after the game he continued to extend the night by inviting her to come to the Brad Paisley concert he was attending that evening with his friends.

They had a great time, but Haley was a little shy. They didn’t talk again until the next visit home from college when they hung out together with a group of friends. Seeing each other again sealed the deal – they were smitten!

Haley actually made the first move. They gathered their group of friends to make a day visit to an amusement park for the haunted halloween fest. Haley said she was scared to ride one of the rides alone (even though she wasn’t!) explaining that she needed a hand to hold. That broke the tension and began their romantic connection.

By December, they were officially dating and head over heels for each other.

When the barn doors opened and Sam finally saw Haley, he was blown away.

ceremony at the inn at old silk mill ceremony at the inn at the old silk mill

One more quick handshake with his little girl.

Never have I ever used flash for outdoor portraits until this day, but it was already pretty dark outside on this overcast day that got even darker by the minute under the trees! Honestly, I LOVE these images and am so thankful that this group was so willing to move around so quickly so that we’d still have a few minutes for Bride + Groom portraits!!

We couldn’t have done it without this awesome group of friends!! Thank you for being awesome, bridal party!!!

wedding at the old silk mill in fredericksburg virginiaThe Proposal : 

Sam and his brother, Brad (who is also a photographer!) woke up at 3am in 30 degree weather to hike up Old Rag Mountain, which for those of you who have ever done this hike — it’s a pretty ambitious hike!!!

But Sam had a plan.

Having hiked to the summit with Haley during their first summer together, it’s where they took one of their favorite pictures ever together, which Sam planned to recreate.

Haley’s sister, Jessica was also in on the whole thing! Jessica (another photographer!!!) often takes photos for her job and sometimes uses Haley as a model, so getting her up the mountain with the intention of a sunrise photoshoot would ensure she was dressed up, and not at all suspicious!

Sam and Brad stayed hidden while they waited for Haley and Jessica to reach the summit. He let Jessica take a few photos of Haley with her facing away before he walked out from his hiding spot so that he could walk up quietly behind her.

Both of them were shivering when Sam reached out and grabbed her arm.

With chattering teeth, Sam told Haley how much she meant to him and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Sam got down on one knee and Haley said “YES!” before he could even finish asking her to marry him!!

Also, what a blessing is it that both Sam + Haley’s siblings are super talented with cameras and got photos AND video of the whole thing!! 

One more surprise was waiting for Haley… Sam arranged that both of their closest friends and families be secretly waiting at Haley’s house for them to all celebrate the news together!

**Proposal photo by Jessica Kroskie 🙂

“Together we know how to have more fun, how to love more, and we add so much to each other’s lives, pushing one another to be more Christ-like daily.”

wedding at the inn at old silk mill wedding at the old silk mill in fredericksburg virginia

Haley + Sam did a Polish Dance (sometimes known as the Money or Apron dance), where everyone gets a chance to dance with the Bride while also earning them a few extra bucks! Guests form a circle and wave a napkin in the air while they wait for their turn twirling the Bride.

Once everyone has had a go, guests collect a cookie or a take a shot of moonshine from one of their Grandfather’s stash!

At the very end, everyone tightly crowds around the Bride creating a barrier, and the Groom has to fight his way through to get to her!

The last song was a Journey song. It was the song that Haley’s parents shared their own first dance to on their Wedding Day and they dedicated the first part to them. The dance floor cleared to give them a moment alone, and then the newlyweds joined them before inviting everyone back for one last slow song before the big sparkler exit.

Sam + Haley,

You guys are just incredible together! You both so fun for us to photograph! It was absolutely a joy to celebrate the two of you all day long! You are going to LOVE being married to your BFF!! I love how deeply rooted your faith already is and the sweet ways your romantic relationship has already been shaped by your relationship by knowing Jesus. Your marriage will be unstoppable as long as you guys keep adventuring towards Him. When people look at your marriage they’re going to see something different than they’re used to seeing in today’s world… and I’m really excited about it!! Marriage is going to knit you both even closer together in such epic ways, and I encourage you both to continue to share that story with everyone around you! It’s a great story that’s just getting started 🙂 We love you both so much!!


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Venue | Inn at the Old Silk Mill

Photography | The Tuckers Photography

Videography | Delight Films

Catering | Mission BBQ

Hair + MUA | Bobby Pins and Blush

Wedding Dress Designer | Ava Laureene

Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Lulus

Grooms + Groomsmen Attire | Jos. A Bank

DJ | Tony Knave 

Florals | Flowers with Passion / Wegmans

Cake/Dessert | Sam’s Club cake and family + friends for desserts

Invitations | Jessica Kroskie (Graphic Designer)

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