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Proposal in Maymont, Richmond, Virginia

May 5, 2017


Those of you who followed along with my instagram story (@petietucker) as this was happening, you know that we were so anxious for this moment to happen!!

We arrived at Maymont Park at 7pm with perfectly golden skies – after all, the forecast didn’t call for thunderstorms until 9pm!! All of the sudden, EVERY. TEN. MINUTES the sun dropped deeper behind black storm clouds and lightening cracked…the setting grew darker and darker and it was too late and too risky to set up flash stands. The coordinator got beeped from her walkie talkie, thinking we were going to just call it and plan for another day.

I looked at the coordinator and she anxiously said, “Too late. They’re at the gate.”

Sam and I ran to our hiding spots praying that Clark was power-walking Stephanie to the Japanese Gardens and praying that we could get the shot before it got too dark and stormy.

Thunder rumbled and we could feel BIG raindrops. Then Clark turned the corner with his unsuspecting bride-to-be.

All Stephanie wanted to do was hug Clark!! As soon as she said yes, the storm let loose and chased us away in golf carts back up to the main gate.

The next morning, Clark whisked Stephanie away to St. Lucia’s to celebrate!

That is how you woo a woman, my friends!!!

Clark + Stephanie,

We are so excited for this next season of your life! Stephanie, Clark was so excited to make you his fiancé, and thunderstorm or not, nothing was stopping his plan! The weather actually added to the eagerness and the rush of the moment where you said YES to your best friend! Clark, thank you for allowing Sam and I to be in on this fun secret with you!! We are so happy for you both and cheering for you as you start wedding planning!!! 🙂


The Tuckers


Venue | Maymont Park, inside the Japanese Gardens

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