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Engagement in Ellicott City, Maryland


January 20, 2017

Last Sunday, we met Mollie + Kevin for their Engagement Session in the charming downtown of Ellicott City, Maryland! We were treated to the warmest January day while we explored the river and the streets lined with old-world shops.

From our first phone call, I knew we’d love this couple! Their fun-loving personalities are so contagious and genuine … OH and they are Hokies!! They won our hearts completely when they asked if they could bring their pup Kudi! Dogs are the best accessory (aside from your cutie-pie Fiancé) to bring to your Engagement Session!

Okay friends, ready to hear the cutest college love story? Mollie + Kevin were both in Alpha Kappa Psi’s co-ed Business Fraternity. He was her “Big” and she was his “Little,” and for those of you who don’t know the code of the Greek Life’s family rules, dating your “Big” isn’t really allowed! Your “Big” is your source of encouragement and closest friend within the community, so naturally Mollie + Kevin became inseparable. They kept it secretive as long as they could, but eventually broke the news to their friends!

The fraternity ended up voting Kevin + Mollie “Best Couple” every semester until they graduated!

I think at the Wedding we will definitely have to do a AKPsi group shot on the dancefloor!!!

Kevin proposed to Mollie in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy – close your eyes and picture colorful houses built into little mountains on the Italian coast…does it get any more romantic than that?! Yes!!!

Six years ago, when Kevin + Mollie were still crushing on each other but not officially dating, they spent a whole day together doing a puzzle and drinking wine – guys, that’s totally an official date! Haha!

The puzzle they put together that day was of Vernazza! Slow clap for Kevin, everybody!! Bravo!!

Mollie + Kevin are inspirations to us!! Mollie is the CEO of Fight for Fit and is super encouraging and motivating to follow! (Seriously, go follow @molliejiang on Instagram!)

Kudi is their beloved, rescue baby! He’s the sweetest Lab and Collie mix with the LONGEST legs!!  Speaking of legs…Mollie says that’s her favorite part of Kevin! She said “I’ve always complimented him on his legs, they are so perfect! His posture has always been amazing too, due to his giant barrel chest!”

Kudi is such a good boy to keep watch while Mollie + Kevin steal kisses in the alleyways.

 Throughout our whole session, it was evident that Mollie + Kevin were truly best friends in love! They were just so comfortable and happy to be together and we loved the way they could make each other laugh!

At one point we asked Kevin to touch Mollie’s cheek as he kissed her forehead. He just laughed and pulled her whole cheek out from the side which got us all laughing! It’s Kevin’s sense of humor that wins Mollie’s heart over! She says he’s the perfect husband for her because he makes everyone around him laugh and that he can turn anything into a fun event. Mollie said she can always count on Kevin to brighten her mood and have fun! Aww!!

Mollie matches Kevin’s humor laugh for laugh!! To make him laugh, she’d sing him lines from songs that make no sense! Her go-to was “Baby you my everything, you are I ever wanted!!”

When I asked Mollie what she was most excited about in regards to being married to Kevin, she said “He has a big family and because we always have so much fun together at family gatherings, I am excited to forever be a part of that. We did a DNA genetic test on his family and it turns out that his ancestors are from all over Europe, so I am also excited to add the Chinese/Asian demographic to his family history.” Oh gosh, how cute is that!?

Kevin + Mollie,

You guys are going to have so much fun being married! You both are already ahead of the game – you have fun like best friends, you choose happiness daily, and you never give up! Sam and I were smitten at the naturally joyful way you two are as a couple. We are cheering for you every step of the way! We can’t wait for your Wedding Day!!

The Tuckers


Mollie’s Dress | H&M

Engagement Ring | Blue Nile

Kudi was adopted from Last Chance Animal Rescue

Photographers | The Tuckers Photography

Location: Ellicott City, MD

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