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Engagement at James Madison University

December 19, 2016


It all began at JMU.

Andrew + Michelle met at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia and had Chemistry. No, really…they actually had Chemistry classes together!! They sat right next to each other at JMU’s Freshman orientation and although Michelle noticed Andrew right away, he was aloof!

They fell in love with their major, their JMU campus and not long after – each other.

We met Andrew + Michelle onsite at JMU’s beautiful campus. It was a warm Fall day and students were enjoying lunch around the grounds. I can’t believe we had never really toured JMU before! As alumni from Virginia Tech, we definitely felt that familiar, historic warmth and unity during our time in Harrisonburg.

You find your person and then you become inseparable without even realizing that you’ve started waiting to watch the next episode on Netflix until they are available. You start putting their happiness above your own and when they feel the same, that’s when it starts getting fun!

JMU is also equally as photogenic as Virginia Tech! We visited the Kissing Rock where the legend says if you kiss on the gigantic limestone rock, you’ll end up marrying that person. Several of our married friends from JMU confirmed that this held true for them!!

Proof that the legend is definitely going to be true for Michelle + Andrew!!

Andrew loved holding his Bride-to-be and when we taught him the nuzzle, he was a pro!

Andrew + Michelle,

Sam and I are so excited for you guys! You aren’t afraid to be silly and are so comfortable around each other! You guys are going to have a blast being married! Plus we loved being honorary DUKES with you guys for the day! Can’t wait for your Wedding day in June! 🙂


The Tuckers


Venue | James Madison University

Photographers | The Tuckers Photography

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