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Proposal at Bellevue Farm in Warrenton, Virginia

August 3, 2015


Two summers ago at a Nationals baseball game with a group of our friends, I nudged Sam and said something is definitely up with those two. Katie and Carter were sitting next to each other and the way they were flirting and looking at one another was a dead giveaway to the rest of us that they were secretly crushing.

Sam and I got married that September of 2013 and the two of them were glued to each other the whole night. It was definitely more than an innocent crush and that was exciting! When two of your best friends start dating, it is equally awesome and scary, isn’t it? You love them both so much and it’s super fun for double dating, but at the same time you don’t want either of them to end up with broken hearts. I think we all had that “worry” for maybe a week tops.

It was clear that once they were dating, God had literally made them for each other and that a wild adventure was ahead. Katie was already booked to go on a 5 month long mission trip to West Africa to teach English in a children’s school. Not only that, but she was teaching them by using verses and stories from the Bible, which was not only extremely dangerous for the area she was going to, but something she proclaimed was something she had to do. She didn’t want to leave Carter, but when God puts something on your heart, it’s darn near impossible to ignore. Before Katie left, she wrote Carter a card full of bible verses and love notes for every day they would be apart, since she would not be able to communicate with him more than a handful of times. Katie left and continued to grow in her faith, while Carter grew in his across the globe.

When Katie returned, they were inseparable.

Carter has a background in Hospitality and Tourism with extreme attention to detail. Basically what I am getting at, is the guy knows how to plan an event that you won’t forget.

On the eve of July 17, 2015, Katie was in for a treat.

Eleven red roses, each paired with a promise, lined this old country road leading to a bench where Katie would receive her twelfth and only white rose. It was a bouquet of future promises to start their new life together.

When Sam and I first arrived at the spot, our nerves were fluttering! You CAN’T mess up your best friend’s proposal!!! Once we started walking around and seeing Carter’s vision come to life, all we could do was smile. The setting was exactly how Carter had described it; peaceful. A warm wind was blowing softly through the tall reeds and all was quiet except for the hums of the summer’s night crickets. I was just in awe at the pinks, purples and orange hues that started to paint in the sky. Then we heard a car pull up… 🙂

Carter gave Katie her Eleventh red rose, read her his promise and then lead her to a bench.

I think she liked the letter 🙂

Carter then knelt down and began to wash her feet. Which when performed by Jesus to his disciples in the Bible was a parallel of servanthood and love, and devotion.

And as gorgeous as the last bits of sunset were, they couldn’t take their eyes off of each other.

The two are eagerly planning their 2016 wedding.


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