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David + Erin

October 13, 2017


I am so happy Tinder exists right now! These dating apps have introduced such awesome couples into our lives and we’re swiping right on all of them, especially this awesome couple!! I’ll be totally honest with you here when I say this was hands down one of the sweetest and most creative proposals we’ve photographed so far!

Friends, meet David. David was in the Air Force down in South Carolina when he and Erin stumbled across each other’s pictures on Tinder. This particular weekend on October 7th was their 3rd dating anniversary, so David went all out.

Like all out.

Last Saturday, David planned a whole day for his favorite girl. He even had her chauffeured around by an Uber which first took Erin to a spa where he arranged a day of relaxation for her, nails included! (Great job, David!!!)  In the name of their anniversary, he said he was taking her to a nice dinner later that evening, as well.

After the spa, he arranged her car to drop her off at Maymont Park for a “Sunset Stroll” program. David suggested they take this free tour that the park was putting on for visitors, just to kill some time before their dinner reservation…where their families were also secretly waiting!

Erin is an Elementary School Art Teacher, so David perfectly paired humor and his engineering-craftiness to create a trail of roses, each paired with a paper note that ACTUALLY swiped right to reveal the sweet note.

As if David wasn’t already impressing us with his Proposal plan, he handed us the ring to photograph and IT WAS INSIDE A MRS. BOX.  I think I gasped!! Guys do not typically even know what a Mrs. Box is, nor ever intentionally buy a ring box!

But David knew Erin that loved these and he gets MAJOR props for picking this heirloom detail to hold his future Fiancé’s gorgeous Engagement ring.

This is our second Proposal at Maymont Park this year and each time Kim and her team at Maymont have made this planning process a DREAM. Kim really goes above and beyond to make Proposals an unforgettable experience for her couples.

Erin arrived to Maymont thinking she was taking this fake “Sunset Tour at Maymont” which was actually all a ploy planned by Kim and her team of “hired actors.” They all piled into a stretch golf cart with Erin to really set the tone that this was just an average tour on an average day. Kim drove them down to the Japanese Gardens where the walking tour would start and David said he would be waiting.

Erin is so funny! She said she was totally into the tour and even snapped a few pictures of some deer on the way down. Later on, Erin said in no way did she think anything was going to happen here, especially not in front of all these strangers on a tour of a park that they had never been to!

When they reached the entrance, the tour people smiled and quietly exited when Erin noticed her first rose. When she looked up she saw 6 more roses leading her towards a bridge near a waterfall. White rose petals lined the pathway.

As Erin made her way to her final rose on the crest of the bridge, David walked out to greet her.

She said YES!!

After some previous planning with David and Kim, we were able to schedule a whole hour of amazing portrait time between the time of their proposal and their dinner reservation where their families were secretly waiting!

Before we started, we told David + Erin to take a few minutes alone just to catch their breath until they were ready for a few more pictures. Since we had more than enough time for portraits, there was no need to rush and we really wanted them to stay in this perfect moment for as long as possible.

Engaged life looks ridiculously good-looking on you both!

Swooning over that that newly-engaged glow!!!

David + Erin,

Congratulations you guys! Oh my gosh, we are swiping right on both of you forever. This night was definitely just a glimpse into your relationship for us, but from these few hours we can tell you’re meant to be. Every detail of this Proposal was meaningful and so special. You two just light up around each other and were so much fun to spend this evening with! We adore you both and can’t wait to see how wedding planning draws you even closer together.


The Tuckers



Venue | Maymont Park 

Proposal Coordinators | Kim + Katie with Maymont

Ring Box | The Mrs. Box



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