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Cherie + Zach | Engagement Session in Washington D.C.

April 17, 2018


Friends, Meet Cherie + Zach

Zach and Cherie met in Washington D.C. in the Spring of 2014 at a happy hour at the renowned P.J. Clarke’s. Zach’s roommate who was also Cherie’s coworker, had invited Zach to the happy hour.

The happy hour was actually Cherie’s “going away” party thrown before she started a new job with Fox News. As the guest of honor, Cherie naturally caught Zach’s attention and sparks flew.

A few weeks later, Zach and Cherie went on their first date.

They met at the Georgetown Waterfront for an afternoon drink on the river which quickly turned into an all-day affair of getting to know one another, strolling around Georgetown streets and then dinner. After spending hours together they finally said goodbye, both knowing they had found something special.

The Proposal:

The two went away to Charlottesville for Memorial Day Weekend with plans of visiting some of the vineyards for that Saturday. The first stop was Pippin Hill Farm + Vineyards with its breathtakingly beautiful and famous views. After their wine tasting, Zach wanted to take a walk. Rosé in hand, Zach pointed to some rows of vines on the hill and lead Cherie that way.

Zach stopped in a panic when he saw a lawn mower start to cut grass in the area that they were walking towards. Cherie remembers Zach saying “They are seriously going to start cutting grass now?!” 

Not seeing the big deal, Cherie pointed to another section of the vineyard and they changed route. In the middle of the row of vines, Cherie noticed Zach fiddling in his pocket. He pulled out a black box and said,

“Cherie, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

He opened the box to the most perfect rose gold ring and got down on one knee. She of course said YES!

Somewhat in shock and disbelief, the two walked around for a little bit just calming down from their excitement! After some lunch at the Pippin Hill, they first called their parents to share the wonderful news and then headed over to Veritas Vineyard to meet up with Cherie’s sister and her husband, and a few friends to spend the rest of the day celebrating!


You both are GORGEOUS!!

In regards to the Wedding Day, Zach said he is the most excited to see Cherie walk down the aisle. Cherie can’t wait to get all dressed up and to spend time together alone, as well as celebrating with their loved ones.

Cherie + Zach,

This is still one of our FAVORITE sessions to date! You guys were naturals in front of the camera and we can tell you’re going to be naturals at being husband and wife! This whole session was such a joyful time! I love how comfortable you two are together, EVEN in front of those hundreds of tourists watching!! Your Wedding Day is going to be so much fun and so amazing!! We are counting the days until then!!! We adore you both so much!



The Tuckers

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