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Engagement at the University of Virginia

June 7, 2017


I love Charlottesville, Virginia. Phew…I said it…and I hope my fellow Hokies don’t renounce me, but the more we are in that deliciously southern countryside, the more we are smitten. Sam and I met Ann + Gregg at The University of Virginia, for their Engagement Session. Their alma matter suited as the perfect location where they spent many days together and it is even where Gregg proposed.

Recipe for the perfect Engagement Photos:

+1 Strands of pearls

+1 stunning diamond ring

+at least a thousand flower petals

Directions: Send Sam up in a tree and mix until covered.

They briefly met in high school just long enough to put a face with a name, but it wasn’t until they got settled in at UVA in the same dorm, they recognized each other and struck up a friendship.

Gregg is into Finance and has a knack for putting together finer details. (I’m talking perfectly coordinated cufflinks, coat buttons, class ring and watch.) Ann’s heart is in Pediatrics and her residency whisked her away temporarily to North Carolina, while Gregg worked in Virginia. They say they video chat and plan long weekends together, but long distance dating is nothing new to them.

Friends, they’ve been making long distance work for 7 YEARS. Biblically, the number 7 often represents the number of completeness and we are SO happy that this is the last year you two will (hopefully) ever be apart again!

Trying something new and a little different here! 🙂

Ann + Gregg loved spending quality time together often sharing lunch on campus between finance and chemistry classes, as well as getting involved in RUF, Reformed University Fellowship. Both of them are so easy to love and Sam and I felt like we’d known them for years.

Their friendly, ‘go with the flow’ nature and positivity was refreshing in the late spring heat wave! Gregg must have been toasty wahoo in that sport jacket, but he didn’t complain once! After being long distance for so long, the two of them were just genuinely happy to be together.

The Proposal | Gregg proposed to Ann in the university’s secluded gardens behind the Rotunda after asking both of her parents for permission.

Sam and I asked both of them what they were most excited for about marriage. They both agreed that they can’t wait for things to slow down and to just be together in the same city…finally married!

It is exciting to think that in just over a month that they will be!

Ann + Gregg,

Your relationship blossomed into what we can only imagine is the strongest friendship foundation possible. Choosing each other over and over again with mismatched schedules…year after year making the effort to love each other well, all whilst encouraging each other to follow big personal dreams – you’re both living examples of true love in a modern setting. In 7 years, you’ve accomplished so much as a couple! Just imagine what 7 years into your marriage will look like!? Marrying your BFF makes all the difference to a happy marriage and marrying your BFF who also loves the Lord multiplies that joy a hundred times over! Your marriage is going to be all kinds of amazing and we are so excited to be with you both again in less than a month!


The Tuckers


Location | University of Virginia

Ann’s Dress | Vineyard Vines

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