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Proposal at Lake of the Woods

December 15, 2016


GUYS TWO OF OUR BEST FRIENDS ARE ENGAGED! These two are easily some of the most generous and kind people we’ve ever known. Stephen proposed to Taylor on Saturday and we got to photograph it all!!

Stephen has been a man on a mission! Once he got her Daddy’s blessing, he excitedly started planning. He probably texted and confirmed this proposal plan just shy of 100 times with us. He secretly flew in Taylor’s sister from Georgia! Plus he even had several different nail polishes packaged for Taylor in case she wanted to change her nail color last minute after the proposal! How thoughtful is that?!

Stephen and Taylor met through a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel  (Cutest name ever, right?!) Here’s the crazy part – They each put in a 10 mile radius but somehow their profiles linked even though they were actually over 100 miles apart!! Best glitch ever?!

When Stephen introduced us to Taylor just a few weeks into seeing each other, she and I became instant BFFs! You guys may remember seeing this unbelievably cute Goldendoodle puppy all over our snapchat and Instagram for a few weeks this past summer?  Stephen told Sam he knew he was picking out a puppy with his future wife. Obviously we did a quick photoshoot to celebrate the secret news and new puppy!!

Between weekends spent at the lake house, Virginia Tech football games and even a few Jägerbombs (which should be their signature drink at their wedding) – it has been such a fun year witnessing two of our best friends fall in love. Guys, I’ve had to keep this secret that Stephen was going to propose for MONTHS. Sam and I even went ring shopping with Stephen! He was so excited the whole time – he kept saying “I can’t wait to marry Taylor.”

The proposal took place at Stephen’s family lake house and made for a beautiful and familiar setting for them. With seconds to get into position because Stephen and Taylor were both inside, Sam and I had to sprint to our hiding spots!  I was under a table near the dock in three pairs of wool socks while Sam was crouched under the deck for the “big shot”. It was a very surreal few minutes; Everything was so quiet and peaceful. I’ll admit – next to weddings, Proposals are my favorite thing to shoot EVER!

Adrenaline pumping, I heard Stephen and Taylor step onto the dock. Stephen lead his Bride-to-be down to the dock with some story that his mom asked him to bring in the chair cushions before they left. Once they were down there and Taylor started to grab for the cushions, Stephen reached for her hands instead. He pulled her in for a kiss and then he dropped to one knee!!

Taylor is warm and bubbly and she’s just a total sweetheart! She puts her whole heart into everything she does. We couldn’t have picked a better girl for Stephen!!

Stephen said he knew three months into dating her that she was the one. He recalled one time when he told her about his dream to some day own a tiny house. He said she was all about the idea and then for the next several hours, the two of them talked about how they would design it. Not long after, Stephen visited Taylor’s family and saw how loving she was with her younger cousins. He said that experience made him look forward to being a Dad one day, and that when they were ready Taylor would be the most incredible Mom. The importance Taylor places on time spent with family is Stephen’s favorite trait about her.

Sam and I have now been included in a handful of proposals and our favorite part is seeing how genuinely excited the guy gets about planning his big act of love. (And then seeing how relieved he is once it is all over and she’s said YES!)

The two of them are eagerly planning their Fall 2017 Wedding.

Stephen + Taylor,

You guys make our hearts happy! You remind us that when you find something good – you run towards it, arms open wide. We are so thankful for your friendship and for your relationship. This next year is going to be even better than this past one and we are SO excited about it! Thank you for including us in your special moment! Also Stephen, thank you for spider-proofing under the table where you knew I’d be hiding – you’re awesome!


The Tuckers


Jeweler | Quest Fine Jewelers

Venue | Private Residence, Lake of the Woods

Photographers | The Tuckers Photography


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