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June 20, 2017

Wedding at Jubilee Farms Maryland | Kevin + Mollie

You’re not even ready for this love story of theirs. It’s a testimony of taking chances on good things that you can’t imagine life without…and then celebrating those good things forever! 

Mollie + Kevin were joyfully married last Saturday at Jubilee Farms in leonardtown, Maryland… but that was is just a piece of their 3 chapters leading to this day!

Guys, I have to tell you their story – it’s too good not to!

Friends, let me start by saying that these two are some of the most genuinely kind and joyful individuals ever. I found myself staring in awe as Kevin’s Dad (who was officiating the ceremony) told everyone their THREE chapters. Up to that moment, I only knew one.

You mean to tell me that one of our favorite love stories has a PREQUEL?! Sam and I glanced at each other like oh my gosh…their story goes so much deeper than just an epic proposal.

While officiating, Kevin’s Dad spoke about how Mollie and her mother came to the United States when Mollie was merely in her teens – going to school and then coming home to practice English every night. Imagine how crazy hard that must have been to adapt to our culture, not knowing anyone. But Mollie was super bright and with the warmest heart, she was accepted into Virginia Tech where she met Kevin.

She also met these girls who just adore and love her!

The girls spent their morning drinking mimosas and staying cool in the AC of their little cabin. Like BFFs at a sleepover, Mollie’s bridesmaids sat around her as she talked about Kevin and their story. She infused a few Chinese traditions into her morning such as sharing tea with her family and wearing traditional Chinese shoes with symbols meaning “Double Happiness.”

A special gift was delivered from Kevin. Inside was locket engraved a line from her favorite poem… “till the earth mingles with the sky. KS + MJ” paired with a picture of the two of them.

Her stepdad walked in for a first look at his little girl dressed as a Bride. The bond between these two was so sweet. One hand wiping her tears and the other holding her hand, Mollie read a letter to him. Just in time for Father’s Day, Mollie made sure she told him just how much he impacted her life for the better and how much she loved him. He gave her one of those big bear hugs that Dads do so well.

Mollie was all smiles as she rounded the corner for her own First Look with Kevin in the vineyard.

Planning to do their portraits pre-ceremony so that they could enjoy more time after the ceremony with their guests, we started to see some storm clouds. We moved around quickly, but once we arrived on the dock the rain sprinkles started to hit the water.

Sam ran to grab the full bridal party to make sure we got a few shots of everyone together. The bridal party came running out … only seconds later to SPRINT back inside!

Trapped in the middle of the farm and huddled in a toolshed, we all actually enjoyed the peaceful rainstorm. No thunder and no lightening. Just a spontaneous summer rain on the bay which cleared after a mere 20 minutes to bright blue skies. We ended up with just enough time to grab a few shots with everyone before it was ceremony time!

Let’s get back to Chapter 1. Kevin’s dad stated it perfectly. “… they graduate… deeply in love, they must not be separated… but Mollie with her student VISA about to end, feels the forces that are out of her control pulling her back to China.. A place she loves for sure, but the man of her dreams is here… And all of a sudden… Knowing how deeply he loves her, and with the knowledge that SHE IS THE ONE… Kevin asks Mollie if she’d consider marrying him, and FAST! … and while this might be considered by some to be a marriage simply to accomplish the goal of keeping her here… we all know, it was merely THE FIRST of the “Mollie and Kevin Wedding Chapters”

So in 2013, Kevin + Mollie made their marriage legal at the Philadelphia City Hall with a quick courthouse ceremony. They cut a small cake and drank some champagne with their immediate families who joined them. Later, at Reading Terminal (an indoor market in Philadelphia) her step dad bought Mollie a bouquet of her of favorite flowers and they overheard a gentleman playing on the piano. Kevin asked Mollie to dance and this spontaneous moment was their official first dance. How romantic is that?! 

Chapter 2, honoring your father’s wishes.

Mollie’s birth father in China also wanted to celebrate the new couple. After being away for close to 7 years, Mollie brought Kevin to China where he just expected a celebratory dinner. When they arrived an ENTIRE Traditional Chinese wedding had been planned for them with Mollie’s dad’s side of the family. Although, Mollie remembers the day as absolutely amazing, it was without her friends and families back in the USA. Here’s a sweet video clip of them at their actual Chinese ceremony.

Caught up in the beautiful whirlwind of timing and honoring heritage, Kevin + Mollie still dreamed of their own wedding day with their own special touches.

Kevin wanted Mollie to have the “traditional American wedding experience” she’d been wishing for her whole life.

He still wanted to surprise her with an Engagement Ring and propose.

He still wanted to be with his best buddies and his family, and Mollie wanted to be with hers, dancing the night away in a white dress.

They still wanted to plan the wedding of their dreams together.

From their Engagement Pictures, I told their incredible proposal story. To summarize, Kevin + Mollie were Big + Littles to each other within their Business Fraternity at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!!) When they were secretly dating, the two did a puzzle together of Cinque Terre, Italy.

Swooning just picturing it, Kevin surprised Mollie and proposed (with a gorgeous Engagement Ring) on the Italian Coast lined with colorful homes built into the surrounding mountainsides.

Chapter 3 takes us here. Fast forward to their American wedding day, June 17, 2017.

Kevin’s Dad told their story so well, and even spoke some of it in Chinese that he learned as a surprise for some of Mollie’s family who had flown into America for the first time.

“Huan ying knee men, l’eye dow may gwuh/ szeen tien, wuh men, bien chung, eee-szia- ren” “Welcome to the USA, today we become a family.”

Kevin’s mom (known online as ScavengerChic ) HANDMADE this stunning arbor and many of the decorations adorning the ceremony and reception.

Perfectly tying all three chapters together for the finale, Mollie + Kevin read the very same vows as they did by the judge who married them in the Philadelphia City Hall.

The Chinese poem that was read in English, and then repeated in Chinese by two bridal party members above, was the very same poem that was in the background at their Chinese wedding.

Their wedding story is one that their friends and families extended as long as they could, and we are so grateful to have been a part of their final wedding chapter.

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