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Engagement Session at Manassas National Battlefield Park | Jessica + Dave

February 15, 2018


I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Whether you celebrated with a significant other, your family, friends, food, or even a self-pampering day, I hope it was great!! Today we are celebrating Dave + Jessica!

Their story is really sweet and makes us love them even more!

How they Met: Jessica + Dave briefly first met back in 2013. Jessica’s cousin, Dan, is our cupid responsible for these two connecting … (and is now going to be Dave’s Best Man, but I’m getting ahead of the story here!!) Dan brought along his friend, Dave, to one of Jessica’s college lacrosse games. Jessica was so excited that her cousin was there to see her play that she barely noticed Dave! 

It wasn’t until two years later that Dave + Jessica reconnected.

Jessica’s father had recently passed away around the same time that her cousin Dan was getting married. Dan mentioned to her that his friend Dave lived nearby and that they should be friends.

As soon as Jessica reached out and friended Dave on Facebook, Dave sent back a nice message sending his condolences about her Dad. Jessica took a few weeks to respond, but once she was ready to reply they started chatting back and forth candidly.

When Dan’s Wedding came around, they completely hit it off and started dating shortly after!

Their first official date was on Father’s Day – a day that Dave knew would be unbelievably hard for Jessica.

He told her she could pick any dinner place she wanted that night and took her out. On the drive home, Jessica recalls serenading Dave with her rendition of Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth and having a blast.

“I had never let my guard down for any guy I had ever met, but I always felt so comfortable around Dave. I fell hard & I fell fast for him. I said I love you first! Something felt very different about him. He was so kind, patient & understanding. I remember him sending me flowers with a note saying “thank you for being you” shortly after we started hanging out (I still have the note in my wallet!).
The Proposal: Dave proposed on their 2 year anniversary at the Boar’s Head in Charlottesville. Saying he wouldn’t propose when she was probably expecting it, this little white lie actually helped him make it a surprise! Jessica noticed he was acting a little strange that day, especially when he basically chugged their nice bottle of champagne well before their anniversary dinner. Dave told Jessica he wanted to get a picture before dinner, so they found a spot right outside the restaurant. Panicking that no one was around to take a picture, Dave stalled for a minute or two until he saw a couple walking their dog. Leaving Jessica momentarily, he quickly told the couple his plan. Not only did they agree to take the picture, but they took a video too!! 
“​He has been by my side through all the good times and all of the bad times, always supporting me in any way he can. He embraces my quirky sense of humor, allows me to be myself & accepts every aspect of me. My family also loves everything about him and they always tell me how lucky I am – believe me I know! I admire how hard-working he is and how he always puts 110% into our relationship. He makes me more excited about life & our future & I could not be more ecstatic about marrying him and starting a family one day.”
“I love her big, gigantic heart. She always putting others first. Her tenacity, her smile, her competitiveness and drive area all things I love about her. I can’t wait to be married to her because I love waking up to her every day. She makes me a better me, the best me I can be.”

Jessica + Dave,

You two are seriously the real deal. It’s evident that you were meant to be and I’m so happy that our boy Dan kept pushing for this beautiful relationship! (He gets a high five at your Wedding!!) Honestly, this was one of our easiest Engagement Sessions we’ve ever done because of how easy-going and comfortable you two are in your love. When we were wrapping up the session in the tall grass and you were saying things you loved about each other, that was so genuine and such a fun time to spend with you both. You’re joyful and loving, and we are just all about it! We are counting down the days until your Wedding Day! We adore you both!!


The Tuckers



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