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Engagement at Tredegar in Richmond

May 5, 2017


Our 2017 Season officially kicked off with Kristen + Trevor’s Engagement Session! Our opening week pounded us with what would seem like less than ideal weather conditions. This Engagement was in 100% thick cloud coverage, two days later we shot this proposal in the middle of a thunderstorm, and then the next day we shot this wedding on a cold, rainy day.

But ya know what? Each session actually turned out better than we could have hoped!!

The clouds provided perfect skin tones and cleared out a campus for us, the thunderstorm added to the eagerness and pure rush of a marriage proposal, and the rain brought two families closer together under umbrellas and tents in a much more intimate setting than the sun would have allowed.

Plus what makes a HUGE difference is that our couples have had such positive attitudes. Once they started having fun with us taking their pictures, they completely forgot about it and chose to enjoy the day!

We met Kristen + Trevor in downtown Richmond for their Engagement Session and we LOVED that they brought along their two Australian Shepherds, Cooper + Oliver!

These two met and fell in love while working for Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad! They definitely saved us during their session by bringing a bag full of cheese snacks for their pups!

Kristen + Trevor have a cool story! One day, Kristen was driving the ambulance and Trevor hopped in the front seat. I can only guess, but I’m pretty sure that you can really see a person’s true colors in that setting.

Not long after, Kristen saw Trevor watching TV alone at the station. She walked right up to him and sat down. Kristen says she had the easiest, real first conversation with Trevor that night.

Trevor re-evaluated his proposal plan when he saw the rain. He and Kristen had just gotten out of a Guster concert (Kristen’s favorite band!) and were headed back home where it was dry and warm. A friend who joined them for the concert asked to come inside for a second, while Trevor called their black and white pup, Oliver, to come into the room. While Kristen was occupied greeting her pup, Trevor got down on one knee and totally surprised her while the friend snapped a few pictures!!

“I’m not sure how best to say it, but I’m excited to marry Kristen because of how easy everything is with her. We get along so well, see eye to eye on just about everything, and communicate very well about the things we disagree on. We enjoy spending time together so much that we miss each other after being away for only half a day. The “honeymoon” phase that people talk about in new relationships has never faded. Does that make sense?”

Yes, Trevor! It absolutely does!! 

“I want to marry Trevor because he’s my best friend. I’m so comfortable being myself around him and he makes me so happy! I’m looking forward to getting to celebrate our relationship with all of our friends and family at our wedding!”

Goodness gracious, how sweet are they together?!

Below is our favorite from this session!!

Kristen + Trevor,

Sam and I loved spending this evening with you both! We love how you both lovingly interact and how sweet of a family you, Oliver + Cooper already are! We can’t wait for your Wedding in September!! We adore you guys!


The Tuckers


Venue 1: Tredegar

Venue 2: University of Richmond

*Feel free to send a donation to Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad in honor of Kristen + Trevor!

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